Rapid Test Instructions

For Staff and Students

Students and Staff members must use these new instructions on how to administer a rapid test. These were provided on March 30, 2022

Rapid Test Instruction Sheet

Return to School 2022

In the Public Health Guidance for Return to School 2022 Document you will find necessary information for staff and students.

Specifically at Dorset Collegiate we will have the following adjustments for the time being:

  • staff and students must wear a mask for the entire day with the exception of actively eating and drinking or during vigorous physical activity

  • the gym will be closed during morning/recess/lunch

  • the makerspace/learning commons will be closed during morning/recess/lunch (classes could continue to use this space)

  • Students will eat breakfast/recess/lunch in their homeroom classes, and will not be permitted to enter each others cohort classrooms

  • Breakfast program (Grab-n-go) and recess/lunch canteen services will continue as normal

  • If students are not compliant with wearing a mask we will be contacting families to pick up students, only to return when they are prepared to follow the mask-wearing expectations

Daily Screening Questionnaire

Mandatory for Students and Staff

Here is a link to the Daily Screening Questionnaire

Students and Staff members must use this questionnaire daily to decide if they should attend school.

    • If you have answered "Yes" to any of the questions, please DO NOT enter the school at this time. You/Your Child should stay home and use the COVID-19 Self Assessment Tool

    • If you have answered "No" to all the questions, you/your child may attend school.

Updates Specific to Dorset Collegiate

Dorset Collegiate School Re-Entry Plan

Take a look at our following Re-Entry Plan for Dorset collegiate following the expectations of the Chief Medical Officer of Health. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the school directly by calling (709) 652-3190.

We have placed various signs and visual cues to remind students to follow the physical distancing regulations.

These include:

  • One way traffic directional arrows in the hallways (walking to the right at all times)

  • Increased signage in entrance locations indicating the self-screening questionnaire must be completed before entry

  • Hand washing instruction signs placed near sinks and hand sanitizer stations

Dorset Collegiate School Re-entry Template September 2021.pdf

Traffic Flow Adjustments